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About Us

About the owner/founder
Hi my name is Jacob Breslin owner and founder of Premier Fitness Co.

I am an army veteran of 6 years service who was medically discharged due to hip artheritis. After multiple body crippling injuries and having bi-lateral hip replacements at the age of 27 my life a taken a horrible turn.

These life changing events had led to multiple metal health issues. Doctors prescribing me with copious amounts of drugs to numb the pain and to prolong the time before having my hips replaced due to my young age. This led to my addiction to opioids.

Due to my physical state i could no longer turn to sport or physical activity as my outlet. So I decided I had to make a change.

This led to my decision to take a risk and change my life. To put my passion and addiction into the creation of this brand.

It is my absolute goal to not just 'sell' activewear but to build a community and team of amazing people who can connect and vibe together through my brand.

As we are a new small Australian made business we see and appreciate all the support we get from each individual person who does anything to help.

Thank you all so much <3


When was Premier Fitness created?
Launching our first product on 1st April 2021, based out of Brisbane and Sunshine coast, QLD.

What sets us apart from other brands?
We understand that buying online is a hard decision. We are so confident you will be happy with your order, which is why if you are not happy with our product we will always refund you and do our best ensure you are happy.

Future plans
As our brand grows it is our goal to get out community together as much as possible.

- Photoshoot days
- Meet and greets
- Group personal training sessions
- Yoga sessions
- Recovery sessions
- Event hosting
- Brand birthday parties

Thank you for taking the time to read up about Premier Fitness Co and thank you to anyone who has supported our brand in any way <3



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